Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Key Steps for New Nonprofits Preparing

As the Chief Executive Officer for the Southern Illinois University Foundation, Matt Kupec has more than three decades of fundraising experience. Matt Kupec has provided fundraising solutions in diverse sectors, including higher education and the nonprofit sector.

For newly formed nonprofit organizations, strategic fundraising efforts are typically a primary focus. To this end, a best practice is to first establish the basic fundraising foundation. These core operating principles will ensure that a solid fundraising plan is put in place and the steps for executing the plan are followed and enacted..

When getting ready to launch a fundraising campaign, it's also important to settle on precise language for describing the goals of the nonprofit. Potential donors are more likely to donate to a nonprofit that has had clearly established objectives since its inception. A useful way to accomplish this involves developing an online presence and maintaining consistent messaging. Some online resources also have features that support fundraising, such as online event registrations and donation forms.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

SIU Foundation Launches Fundraising

Fundraising professional Matt Kupec serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Southern Illinois University (SIU) Foundation, a role in which he leads and manages the foundation’s fundraising program. Under Matt Kupec’s leadership, SIU Foundation partnered with Saluki Athletics in launching Salukis Forever, a fundraising drive that will benefit the SIU Athletic Department.

The drive launched on February 26, 2021, and will support the athletics programs for sustainability and success into the future. The fundraising drive, called Salukis Forever, aims to raise $25 million over four years.

Salukis Forever is part of the Forever SIU campaign, which started in 2017. It gives alumni and donors the opportunity to support the programs of either Saluki Athletics in general or one or more of the 17 different sports programs in particular. Additionally, donors who give to Saluki Athletics will be able to support the Saluki Athletics Scholarship Fund, the Salukis Well-Being Fund, the Women’s Initiative Fund, and the AD Excellence Fund.

SIU athletics have a long and storied history. In addition to holding eight national titles and dozens of conference titles, SIU athletics programs have produced over 100 Academic All-Americans and 60 Olympians over the years.

Friday, December 11, 2020

A Time When Michael Jordan Fell Short, Yet Proved His Commitment

Formerly a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) football quarterback, Matt Kupec has been a results-driven university fundraising consultant for many years. In a blog article on his website titled "My Favorite Michael Jordan Story,” Matt Kupec brings focus to a player who came back into the spotlight in 2020 with the release of the ESPN documentary Last Dance.

Over the course of two decades as UNC’s vice chancellor for advancement, Mr. Kupec had the chance to meet fellow Tar Heel alum Michael Jordan on many occasions. One memorable moment occurred when he was providing a campus tour to a high school senior who was trying to decide whether to attend UNC.

Seeing Jordan at the breakfast buffet at the Siena Hotel, Mr. Kupec invited the NBA legend to sit down with the prospective student. As he described it, Jordan “was all in” and spent 20 minutes chatting with the high school student, making a case for UNC as a great academic choice.

Despite Jordan’s best efforts, the student ultimately went with the University of Virginia. The two UNC alums had a laugh at their next meeting about Jordan “not being able a close the deal.” The story does, however, illustrate Jordan’s commitment to his basketball roots and willingness to proactively promote his former college.

Monday, November 9, 2020

Volunteering with CASE

A resident of Carbondale, Illinois, Matt Kupec earned a master of science in education administration from Hofstra University and serves on the senior in-house fundraising counsel at the Southern Illinois University Foundation. Matt Kupec maintains membership with the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).

A global nonprofit association, CASE works to promote educational advancement and address challenges within education that affect learning institutions. CASE depends on a network of volunteers possessing varying levels of experience and expertise to carry out its objectives.

Annually, over 350 volunteer leaders donate their time to work in positions on the organization’s boards and advisory groups, whereas 3,200 additional professionals serve as presenters, authors, organizers, and in other roles. Volunteers might serve at a single event or volunteer in a role that is open for a multi-year-term commitment.

CASE volunteers receive multiple benefits for dedicating their time and effort to supporting the organization, including expanding their network of professional contacts. They are also exposed to new ideas and perspectives and have the opportunity to develop professionally and gain leadership experience. 

Key Steps for New Nonprofits Preparing

As the Chief Executive Officer for the Southern Illinois University Foundation, Matt Kupec has more than three decades of fundraising exper...